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    Which A frame in 416?

    400gr A Frame is a very good bullet in my M70
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    Magazine Spring Issue???

    gt_diesel, I had a similar issue on my M70 416, took some trial and error but its 100% now. Even though it's not a CZ the link below will show the steps(and a lot of other BS)it took to resolve the issue.
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    Load recommendations for 416 Rem Mag? This is the thread referenced above
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    Would you like a Cigar?

    I'm in Dammam, been getting lots of stuff done while the rest of the country is on the Eid holiday. If Dharhan is anywhere close by I have an Ashton VSG with your name on it!
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    Would you like a Cigar?

    Ah yes, Cigars.(Forgive my rant) Been a huge fan of handmade cigars since the mid 90s. Have tried many of the new in vogue cigars over the years and some were pretty nice, some were just hype. I find myself back to the old standards, Fuente, Excalibur, Padron, Ashton. A couple new-er favorites...
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    Load recommendations for 416 Rem Mag?

    My first bullet of choice in 416 Remington mag was the 400gr TSX when I got my M70SE. Got a good supply of Hornedy brass and had a couple popular listed powders already on the shelf. The intent was to use a temperature stable powder, first choice was Varget then H4895. With a full charge...
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    .375 A Frame bullet failure follow-up

    This August I tipped a 338 cal 225 gr. TTSX on some brush in front of a blue wildebeast. We followed a good blood trail for +- 5 hours spotting him a couple times along the way. Also saw a couple irregular intrance wounds on other game from other folks in our party. If the bullet makes contact...
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    376 Steyr

    Milehighshooter, I firmly believe your 376 Steyr with the right bullet/ load will knock your listed animals through the rim of their a$$. I'm planning on a Nalgai hunt in South Texas after the first of the year using 270gr bullets and this little Scout rifle. As long as I have a good rest and...
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    376 Steyr

    I have had a lot of fun with my 376 Steyr Scout rifle. Nice light package with a lot of power. I know, I know, it’s not as fast as an H&H or a lot of other 375s and it will never be. I have many range/game appropriate rifles and this perfectly fills the gap between some of them. Sorta like...
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    416 Ruger range results

    That is a really cool looking bullet!!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Adventure At Serapa Safaris Was Incredibly Awesome As Always!!!

    Would like more info about the Delta, we are scheduled to take that flight 8/13
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    Hello All!

    Sounds like a great choice in rifle and caliber.
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    The old crf vs prf debate....

    This is a very interesting topic for me and my comments are for M70 CRF actions only. The majority of my hunting rifles are M70 Controlled Round Feed actions and they make the most since to me. They positively control the round both in feeding from the magazine and extraction. In a dangerous...
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    Bullet Performance Database

    Two great hunting bullets you have chosen Quaticman. I'm working with a new to me rifle/caliber for our planes game hunt this summer. It's a 338 win mag that started life as an old M70 Laredo 7 mag. Had it re-barreled with a Benchmark barrel with the intent of using Barnes 225gr TTSX. Really...
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    404 Jeffery V.2

    Got to love them Winchesters!!