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    Russell Boots

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Looking at another hiking boot in SA.
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    Russell Boots

    Sportsmans footwear. Where in SA are they and do you have a contact number please. Thanks Johann
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    Russell Boots

    Where can we buy these boots in SA???????????
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    Russell Boots

    Where do you buy these boots in SA and what price?
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    African Rhino poaching crisis

    Do to the poachers what they do to the Rhinos, DE-HORN THEM!!!!!!! The state must take everything they own, sell it and give the money to the Rhino foundation. Let them become worse than beggers. When you see them you kick them, treat them worse than S--t!!!!!!!!!
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    18inch plus Blesbok available

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    31 Rhinos Killed in SA !!!! ( ONLY IN AFRICA :-( )

    I have spoken and had contact with quite a few hunters who are all willing to give their time free and assist with the poaching. I have also contacted the hunting industry and asked whom I can contact to offer our assistance and so far nobody has had answers for me and nobody has contacted me to...
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    I have a 30-06 full glass bedded. I would like to do this over and have a free floating barrel. If it is not too difficult I would like to do this myself. If it is too difficult and complicated I will have to have it done. Any advice if it is a good choice and if I can do it myself? I live...
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    If it is not too late you can contact Jadrie Pieters. He did my thumbstock and its the best thing since ma baked bread! Email me and I will send you his details.
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    Hi all fellow hunters

    My name is Johann and I live in Gauteng, JHB. I hunt plains game and use a 30-06 custom made to suit my build and hunts.