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    Advice on self defense weapon

    Sounds as if American gun stores are kind of sold out at the moment !!??
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    More thoughts on 9.3x64

    Hey folks. I'd always prefer a 9,3x64 over a .375 H&H. There's no reason for me to use a cartridge with the technically totally needless belt. And why should I run a magnum system for a job that can easily be done by a standard sized system? I wish there were more new and modern guns and ammo...
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    I've found perfection

    Interesting rifle! What's the open sight concept with it?
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    Mauser Oberndorf 9.3x62

    Looking forward to the final result... :D
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    Bullet Performance Database

    Did you get that data for the .366 bullets, too?
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    Mauser Oberndorf 9.3x62

    The discussion was quite a while ago, but I'd be interested in the result. :)
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    Beautiful rifle! And for sure a good tool for serious shooting!
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    9.3x62 bullet choice for Moose

    Hey! I'm new to the forum and a big fan of the 9,3x62. I'm from Germany so I rather hunt for smaller game like roe dear, wild pigs etc. Two years ago I had the opportunity to hunt for moose in Estonia on a small swampy island called Hiiumaa and was lucky to shoot a good one for this region...