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    SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape With KMG Hunting Safaris Late May 2021

    Nice BW and sounds like a proper stalk. Congrats Bruce
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    CAMEROON: Late Cameroon Hunt Report

    Nice animals and sounds like it was a heck of a trip. Congrats and thanks for sharing. Bruce
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    Two Americans in Mozambique

    Great story. I enjoyed reading it. Your client worked hard for the trophies and you even more so. Well done. Bruce
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape Hunting With Nick Bowker Hunting

    Looks like you had a great time. Congrats Bruce
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    In memoriam - Bruce Moulds has passed away

    Sad news indeed. RIP. He was knowledgeable and an interesting fellow. Sorry to hear of his passing. Prayers for his family.
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    Wolf and Roe deer in same fenced zoopark / Denmark/ Policereport done

    If you have wolves there don't they have to eat? Either they feed them or allow them to hunt. Bruce
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    Discounted Leopard Hunt Zimbabwe 2021

    Good deal with a great operator. Sounds like fun. Wayne, if you were choosing for say a family member what dates would you look at? Anyone going would be interested in when you think would be best. Bruce
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    Scirroco 180gr vs CEB Maximus 150gr

    My vote would be for the Scirocco also. Bruce
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    CAMEROON: Bongo Hunt In Cameroon

    What an exciting hunt. Congrats on your Bongo and the duikers! You got your moneys worth. Bruce
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape With KMG Hunting Safaris Late May 2021

    Nice animals. Congrats. I'm enjoying your report. Bruce
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    ZIMBABWE: 12 Days In Zimbabwe With Shangani Safaris

    Thanks for the report. Some got pretty critical and I wondered if you'd finish. What a mess. I think that 14 days would of been a lot better to start with and probably a different PH. Given other reports I'd never book a hunt with him. I hope you can do it again with better results . Bruce
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    In memoriam - Lori Spears of Travel Express passed away

    Such sad news. RIP and my condolences to her family. She was just good people as they say. Prayers for the family. Bruce
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    WIN a FREE Trophy Customs Clearance from TROPHY SHIPPERS for 2021 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    June 21-31 2021 Tanzania with KNS Generuk, Grants and Thompsons gazelle, Masai bushbuck, Suni and Kirks Dik-Dik. Bruce
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    NAMIBIA: Off To Namibia

    Best of luck. Be safe and have a great time. Bruce
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    Headed for the airport early tomorrow morning

    Good luck. Have fun and shoot straight! Bruce