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    14 Day Leopard Hunt In Namibia 2020

    Great looking leopard. I'm sure that your hunter was pretty excited. Looks like a lot of fun. Bruce
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    Carbon Fibre Barrels

    I might should also mention that Bartlein barrels has recently started making carbon fiber barrels. They make a very good quality regular steel barrel. I would bet that they did a lot of research before they started making them. Bruce
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    Carbon Fibre Barrels

    Tikka's are great guns. I have had 2 of them. One was a .270 WSM that I sold a while back as I wasn't shooting it much. The second was a .300 WSM with a wicked recoil. Clean the barrel and 8-10 shots at 1/3 MOA accuracy and then downhill from there to 3 MOA soon thereafter. So I rebarreled that...
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    The Marauder Of Dublar Chor

    I always enjoy your stories. Amazing how easily you seemed to eliminate these mauraders. I realize thats the results of years of practice and experience... Thanks for sharing. Bruce
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    Hunting in Uganda

    Uganda has been on my bucket list for a while. Hard to put together enough $$ to go.... I keep spending it on other hunts..... If you ever get a cancellation hunt there contact me. Bruce
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    Life size Klipspringer

    Very nice. Great work. Bruce
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    NAMIBIA: Omujeve Hunting Safaris - Caprivi Strip

    Good looking Lechwe. Nice mass. Congrats Bruce
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    NAMIBIA: Omujeve Hunting Safaris - Caprivi Strip

    Sounds like you are having an excellent hunt. Great animals and good shooting. Congrats Bruce
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    So It Begins,.....Again

    Good luck. I'd say have fun, but that is a given with Spike..... Bruce
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    Bear Attack

    A number of years ago I was hunting with a man named Wally Cash. Same thing. Bear knocked him down and chewed on him a bit. Then pulled back. When he started to move around she came back and chewed on him some more. Luckily we were able to get a life flight helicopter in to get him out...
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    NAMIBIA: Omujeve Hunting Safaris - Caprivi Strip

    Great report so far. Looking forward to more. Bruce
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    How do you reload 1 caliber 3 different rifles, same recipe

    If making different loads for the garand than the others you might take a black magic marker and "color" the primers. Those you know are for the Garand as well as a special box only used for it. I also like the idea of the Hammer or Barnes bullets. Bruce
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    An African experience with De Klerk Safaris

    Some of those pics with the flowers are exceptional. Bruce
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    Hello from South Africa & Botswana

    Welcome . Glad to have you here. Bruce
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    USA: Daddy Daughter Deer Date

    Great job. Looks like some excellent memories for you and your daughter. Congrats to her on her deer. Bruce