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    How did everyone make out at home this year? Post some pictures

    Fallow have to be the toughest animal to get a good pic of.
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    Animal you wouldn't hunt

    Sure you can, you just need to dry it completely, dip it in pesticide, expose it to Gamma radiation and disinfect it in sea salt for 30 days then your good to go... (n) Yum
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    PSA: Hunters should be aware of Lyme Disease!

    Im glad to live in AB where our Moose ticks are few and far between and cases of Lyme disease extremely rare, as is the chance of ever actually seeing a tick.
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    How did everyone make out at home this year? Post some pictures

    Good luck Wayne, there are some monsters there! Is that bull you posted from the block?
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    Interesting Lion video

    Interesting and gives a bit of insight as to what it is really like for tribal Africans to live, or at least hope to continue to live, with lions and why they would rather poison all lions than co-exist with them. Even those on the fence about hunting would watch this one and think 2x bout...
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    Greetings from BC CANADA

    Welcome to AH eh! :D
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    Steenbok Pedestal Taxidermy

    Very nice Dennis. I finally got mine mounted a week ago too, Ill post pics once dried and finished.
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    Sad news from RSA

    A large percentage of our doctors are South African and have been for some time now.
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    Captive-bred Lion and PHASA?

    Unfortunately this decision makes PHASA irrelevant when choosing an outfitter. Sad to see.
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    Picking the right arrow

    Unless your arrow splinters, which I have never had happen on game, you wont have to worry about that. If you did need to trim up around a splintered arrow, you would lose a few mouthfuls at most. Even at the range I have never seen a spiral/multi-directional wound carbon arrow splinter more...
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    A Little Broadhead Testing

    Thanks for posting. Great durability test but I wouldn't bet the farm on the penetration results, the arrow would need to be in a firm medium the entire way to measure that.
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    Yukon Hunting Outfitters

    Stan Simpson runs a great outfit in the NWT and has virtually 100% success on nice rams. Having worked for him, I will vouch for him 100%.
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    Well well well, Bluey has been busy!!! Congrats to the both of you. (y)
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    Hunting Bow and Arrow Requirements

    Anything that increases the size of the hole will decrease penetration. 4 blade heads must cut 2x as much skin, muscle and bone than a 2 blade of similar design as it penetrates. The same is true for cutting diameter. Heads with steep cutting angle will also decrease penetration so longer heads...
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    Hunting Bow and Arrow Requirements

    Steel force and good old bear cut on impacts are what I use. For your poundage I would recommend just using them as a 2 blade and forgetting the bleeders, I have used mine this way for 25 years on game up to the size of a moose with excellent results. 2 blades are far better penetrating...