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    Hello from Eastern Canada

    I've got Barnes' Reloading Manual #3... It's got a whole section on .458 Lott... Might be able to find some information for you...
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    What gun do Professional Hunters like to use?

    Novel approach... I agree with #5... I'm 6'3" and weighed 240lbs, pre-Covid-19... .577 Nitro Express would be my choice if I could afford one, and was a PH over there...
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    Am I being silly?

    I had the pleasure o' handling a friend's Krieghoff Trumpf Drilling... The Workmanship was 2nd to none!
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    Am I being silly?

    Krieghoff is the Holland & Holland o' Germany...
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    Am I being silly?

    Right on the money, Mate! Most people don't understand just how critical Headspace is... Too much Headspace, and you'll end up with a ruptured casing, which could cost you an Eye, or worse...
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    Time To Sell, Give Away, Or Haul To The Dump

    Any Left Hand Model 70 Long Actions?
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    In memoriam - Professional Hunter Phil Smythe passes away

    My deepest condolences to the family & friends...
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    Action Rockwell Hardness

    Very interesting, Mate...
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    Optics Advice From Experienced Elephant Hunters or Professional Hunters

    If you widen the line and/or change the colour, to one o' those aforementioned, it may help...
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    Optics Advice From Experienced Elephant Hunters or Professional Hunters

    One thing that may help you to see your rear sight, would be the addition o' a wee bit o' high visibility enamel paint... Bright White, Yellow, Red, Orange, or Green... Either outlining the Notch, or simply a Line or Triangle...
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    Is the 30-06 adequate for zebra?

    I like .444 Marlin for Hunting Deer or larger Game in North America... It'll drop any animal we have, but it will also drop a Deer, without overly damaging the Meat... I rather like Big Bores, but, then again, I'm not a small Lad... One thing I really like about .444, is that it'll stop the...
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    Is the 30-06 adequate for zebra?

    Marksmanship is everything... If you can't consistent take Game with a Single Shot(Stationary... A Moving Target is a different matter), then you should spend more time on the Shooting Range... I love .30-06... Don't get me wrong, it's a favourite for North American Game, for good reason... One...
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    .505 Gibbs -- Needs a little work

    Some fire damaged guns can be saved, but it's well beyond the scope o' practicality, when it comes to your average Gun Owner... Personally, for the most part, I wouldn't even bother attempting to save a fire damaged Barrel(Unless it was something super rare)... I have saved and repurposed a few...