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    Who reloads.....and why?

    That's a lot of green. How many calibers are you loading for ?
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    .500, .450-400, 4-bore Double Rifle

    OH my those are nice...
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    heads up on source of Woodleigh manuals

    There is load data for the 475NE in the Woodleigh loading manual. One of the powders is a Vihtavuori powder. Graeme Wright's book also has a few loads for the 475NE, but noting the Woodleigh book hasn't got. I haven't had a chance to really have a good look at the Woodleigh Manual as yet...
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    Who reloads.....and why?

    As far as reloading books/manuals go, I would recommend you get yourself a few. Mainly to compare load data between them. Have a bit of a read of them and get your head around the subject. When you buy a set of dies ect they come with instructions, just follow them and you'll be right. There...
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    Who reloads.....and why?

    Well that's a good question. I shot a fair bit growing up, mostly rimfire competition and some hunting, we did have centrefire rifles some of which were we loaded for. I started reloading because I shoot a few oddball rounds that I couldn't easily get factory ammo for. Then latter on I moved...
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    Emirates airlines opinion?

    They are apparently refusing to carry trophies.
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    Elephant into Australia

    Na is looking good to me to, I'm not quite ready to leave Au. But it's getting close. I might be forced to yet, not liking the noises coming out of our government. I don't know a lot about importing cats, but is there anything I can do to help ?
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    Two new videos about Heym double rifles

    Pretty neat vids, thanks for sharing.
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    Africana African Hunting Books For Sale

    Don't do that, I'll have a look thru my small collection and see what you have that I need.
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    Leopard hunt… wait for it…

    Nice cat, thanks for uploading it.
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    Pressure signs

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread, I've been away with work. Thanks for all the replies and advice. That pressure measuring gear Grumulkin linked to looks pretty interesting. QL is something I've had my eye on for sometime now.
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    .416 Bullets: Woodleigh, Swift or North Fork?

    Myself I would go with Woodleigh they make a good bullet. But then again they are easy for me to get, thats a big part of why I use them. I have no first hand experience with the Swift or North Fork.
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    Pressure signs

    As I have already stated I cannot find any manufacturers published data for the round and powder combination. If I could find good data I wouldn't be looking for ways to determine whats safe and whats not. I'm not assuming anything. If I were I'd just keep dumping powder in the case till I...
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    Annealing brass and die question

    I think the Bench Source machine would work pretty well for what I want. It can handle cases with a rim diameter up to 50bmg (.804") so it should work for the NE rounds as well.
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    Annealing brass and die question

    Thanks guys, I'm looking at getting an annealing machine because I shoot a fair amount of 308. I'm thinking of seeing if I can get one that does up to say 470ne then I could do them all.