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    Do You Bargain With Your Outfitter?

    I don't particularly like the phrase bargaining, but I think there are ways to put a little icing on the cake. I think it is 100% fair and normal to ask an outfitter what the cost would be for x number of days for x animals even if they have a price list with no packages. Imo, there should be...
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    Why do you sell a gun?

    I tend to have personal attachment, especially with the guns bought in my younger years. I've only sold 2 guns. One I bought used and it had problems so I moved it along. The other was very heavy. I have a couple that I will probably use for trade in the future.
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    Scam hunt or legit?

    Working in the financial sector for over 15 years, I can safely say "never trust anyone with money" Always get it in writing. A true friend and well run business will understand
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    More weight on a .30-06 rifle

    For 7 1/2 all in, perhaps consider the 308. I dont believe the 06 in that weight class is too much but it will get your attention a bit. The 308 could shoot all day long and get supercharged ammo from hornady or buffalo bore if you want the full 06 performance
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    Scam hunt or legit?

    Assuming not a scam and you have trip insurance (or substantial risk tolerenace) I would consider asking if you paid in full they would ammend the contract to provide an additional animal credit of 10% value of the hunt (not a specific animal). After all, they asked you and it doesn't really...
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    Huntress posing with bloody HEART

    Fighting - Is money and lobbying important, of course it is. But much more important is winning over the 80% of the population that doesn't hunt but can be persuaded. A good 80-90% of that group supports deer hunting. The number gets cut in 1/2 with other species / trophy hunting. We can...
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    Huntress posing with bloody HEART

    I've been critical in the past regarding situations like this. Most of the time its the photo itself that I find problematic. This particular picture I believe to be in acceptable taste and informative in regards to heart size. It is her commentary and intentional pot-stirring that is in poor...
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    Light weight plains games rifles

    I agree a good rest seems about equal. Offhand, the advantage goes to a normal 8-8.5 pound 22-24" rifles when you take your time and have to control the wobble. If you have to make a quick shot, the light 20" rifles go right up and fire accurately. I will say I get very nervous after the shot...
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    Light weight plains games rifles

    I have a 7mm rem mag that weights just under 8 pounds scoped. I shoot it at the range with a slip on recoil pad and take it off hunting --- but the purpose is for eye relief much more so than recoil. It's a little stout, but nothing I would ever flinch over. I would not be hesitant at all to...
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    Texas Longhorn steer opinions on mounting

    Keep it classy
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    Endangered ferret clone

    I expect in the next 5 years for a real thylacine to be verified, probably on the mainland. There are too many unconfirmed sightings out there. 100 years is not a long time.
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    Gun control in Kiwiland

    The link hardly qualifies as an accurate current news story. They are using stats for the year prior and year of the ban. Gun crime skyrocketed in recent years, the gun ban occurred, and the results are still unknown.
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    Leupold ZeroLock question

    I have always been leery of exposed turrets moving and have no need to make adjustments in the field, but the zerolock intrigues me in the VX-3HD line bc I hear the clicks are much more positive feeling over the old mushy vx-3i line. I am reading conflicting info on the google machine. From...
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    338wm reduced loads

    Or you can just tell her they are reduced loads
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    New member from Missouri

    I second that! From St. Peters as well. I'm near Mexico rd and Spencer