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    What is the TRUE cost of my African Hunting Safari!

    I harvested the following on my 2014 Safari Lioness Giraffe Zebra Gemsbok Kudu Bushbuck Steinbok Impala x3 Warthog x3 • Dip and ship - $4,900 • Taxidermy - $7,000 (at cost, as I have a taxidermist who does all my customers work so he owed me a solid) • Airfare $,1700 - DFW to ATL to JHB JHB to...
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    BOTSWANA: South Africa Trip

    Glad everyone enjoyed it!
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    BOTSWANA: South Africa Trip

    My pleasure
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    WANTED: Lion Hunting

    Pm me as I can fill you in on all the details and look at booking you an awesome lion hunt on the Limpopo /Botswana border. I am the US booking agent for Hunters Creek Safaris but there is no added cost to you for my services
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    BOTSWANA: South Africa Trip

    Thanks everyone, I'm still telling stories daily and dream about hunts all the time. I can't wait to get back in July 2015!!
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    BOTSWANA: South Africa Trip

    Ty! Not sure on the book, may need a few more safaris first ;)
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    BOTSWANA: South Africa Trip

    She will be comin in 2015, not for the entire duration but for a week or so
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    What Line Of Work Are You In

    North West Conservation goose guide during February Lake Fork Bass Guide in north East Texas during the spring and summer - March thru September. We hold the state record at 18.18 pounds. Texas whitetail and waterfowl guide during the Fall and Winter - October - January. African Safari...
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    Hello from Argentina....!!!!

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    Hello, my name is tigris115

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    Good afternoon to all from PORTUGAL

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    new member from Louisiana

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    Hello from Idaho

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    Hello every one

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    Hello from Pennsylvania

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