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    Gun storage at Johannesburg airport

    Just a thought The Afton House right near the airport I think is a certified firearms storage facility. They have a bank vault to lock them in. You might call them and see if it was possible to stay one night and then leave the gun there for several more.
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    South African President Jacob Zuma / MENSA Initiation Speech?

    I should have added "Not quite continents " are they?
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    Emirates airlines opinion?

    I'm retired from the airline world. I looked at them in the past but they were always more expensive than Delta and took hours longer to get there. I also like being on a US airline. I also like Boeings and not Airbus. Its a pilot thing as I flew them both. After their stance on flying...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Phil & Justin's Trip To HartzView Safaris 2015

    Black Pudding? YUCK! British cuisine at its finest :-) Never had a good meal in all my time in England unlike Cote dAzur or Italy. Anything in camp is better! :-) Phil, have a bang up trip:-)
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    Eland with a .30-06?

    YUP 180 gr shoot straight know the vital zone= 1 dead eland 180 works good for all over there (PG). SHOW US PICTURES WHEN YOU GET BACK!
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    Shoot too many animals?

    Yes I have nightmares about bushbucks to this day!
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    Someone GAVE me a pre 64 M70!

    Phil That's another great idea that I must consider.
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    Someone GAVE me a pre 64 M70!

    Hey thanks for the info. Much appreciated. I was planning on a shooter anyway as unless it was pristine, I'm not much of a collector. Got to get the sight figured out and see what it will do.
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    Someone GAVE me a pre 64 M70!

    So, would you suspect that the Lyman sight was post factory install? I'll be looking up Lyman sights tonight.
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    Shoot too many animals?

    My first trip I went wanting 8 animals on my list I came home with 13 BUT I passed on a 20 inch (YES 20 inch) bushbuck because I already had one 14 incher. Stupid stupid stupid. The PH and the tracker were going nuts over it. Be prepared that means bring money! You may neber get back again. Who...
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    Someone GAVE me a pre 64 M70!

    OK I'll try to upload a couple of pictures It looks like it worked. On second looks it has a buckhorn spring leaf rear sight that is lowered to its lowest position probably to clear the sight picture from what looks to be a factory side mounted adjustable rear sight, Unfortunately its missing...
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    Someone GAVE me a pre 64 M70!

    As far as I can tell it is all original. I'll take another look to see about the sights Maybe I can figure out how to post a picture of them. It is below 2500 in S/N. Actually never thought about the early collector value. Is there a premium for early ones? Need to look into that.
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    Someone GAVE me a pre 64 M70!

    I was given a M70 in 30-06 made in 1936! Haven't cleaned it yet (hasn't been used in decades) but at first glance it looks used (Maine deer rifle) but pretty good. Obviously, that old, it comes with iron sights. They are too low for me to get down on (not enough drop in the stock). I'm...
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    Greetings for Kansas City

    Just be warned! You will be planning your second hunt on the way home from your first! IF YOU GO ONCE-YOU WILL GO AGAIN-DEAL WITH IT!