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    How do you pick your mounts?

    Petey, I have 4 mounts, 4 euros and two rugs. The mounts are Kudu pedestal, Impala shoulder, Reedbuck and Springbok Wall Pedestals. I wish I had a couple of the Euros done as shoulder mounts. (Note, the the mounts are in the living room and the euros are in the den - my wife likes the mounts...
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    And....... should we be interested in their tax returns? So how do our public servants become so wealthy? Maybe they serve themselves from the public coffers - just wondering
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    Concealed Carry

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    Concealed Carry

    So, what condition do you/wife carry your P238 in you pockets? (Cocked & Locked, Hammer down on and empty chamber, ...) Please note, I am not asking to judge you, just asking for my information since my wife has a P238. Thanks
  5. Burchell's Plain Zebra

    Burchell's Plain Zebra

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    Condition of trophies

    Dennis, Poor horn condition has come up several times on AH. So to be perfectly clear, it is the boiling process to remove the flesh that dries and cracks the horns which is required of the dip/pack process, CORRECT? Therefore, there is no way around that the degradation of horn appearance...
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    Condition of trophies

    Buck, Do you think the taxidermist/ preparer understand the damage their process is doing? Just having the dip&pack process done and then shipped here for finishing the taxidermy will not solve the problem. Thanks
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    Condition of trophies

    Geez ...... I think the cracking and drying happens during boiling the flesh off the skulls. I have 6 out of 7 horn/mounts that look cracked and dried out. The one set that isn’t, is a Blesbok euro mount and the horns are loose mounted. Two trips, two different taxidermists. Very...