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    Unknown mauser action

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    Unknown mauser action

    Hahah I'll take it, not sure how true it would be though. Friend of mine went around a took a snap of the bolt face in the receiver and measured with a ruler for me. Receiver front ring length roughly 42mm or 1 5/8" Width 35mm( 1 11/32" ) Threaded section from where the barrel contacts 16mm( 5/8" )
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    Unknown mauser action

    Thanks very much for the info I'll check out the thread and post up a couple of better photos, 404 nice choice Von Gruff I'm hoping this one is decent enough as I would like to build a 9.3x64 with it but haven't measured anything yet.
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    Unknown mauser action

    Thanks mdwest the extractor claw is flattened rather than bent and appears rather weak, i couldn't find any proofing or other marks that would help to identify sorry. Serial number is preceeded by an f
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    Unknown mauser action

    There are no markings like any of the German or Swedish mausers nor the vz24 that I have
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    Unknown mauser action

    G'day all hopping the brains trust can help with the identity of a mauser action that recently came to me, previous owner thought it was an FN action. Any help would be appreciated. No markings on the barrel end of receiver. Looks like a .30 on the rear.
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    G’day from OZ

    G'day and welcome from Qld
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    That is gold, would of been a laugh to see the expression change from expected pleasure to what the bloody he## is that
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    A nice spreading of butter and Vegemite on toast, tip top
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    Some rifles I have stocked or built

    Some lovely work mate, I would like to have a go at making a fitted stock for myself one day but so far I have only refinished two. Cheers for taking the effort to put all this together for us.
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    375 rifle options

    I thought your post was well put together and very informative. It has helped me as I just purchased an unfired cz 550 in 93x62 and now have an idea of where to look for any action smoothing that may be required so thank you for taking time to share the information.
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    Biltong advice

    I add apple cider vinegar with worcestshire sauce and a little honey, let soak at least 2 Hours and add any spices
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    Epic M98 build photo heavy

    Lovely work