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    Taxidermy References In South Africa

    I used Trophex once. They were very bad in every way. I have now used Bullseye for years and they are excellent in every way. True artists, excellent work and service including shipping. Brian Gallup
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    Flat nose vs round nose solids - What are the actual facts?

    I use CEB Solids on cape buffalo and they work perfectly as advertised. Generally my velocities in .500 cal are lower that what Michael likes to use and the result is the same, excellent. Not to change the topic but I want to mention that I have also used the CEB Talon on three cape buffalo...
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    North Fork Bullets is getting back into production in Sweden

    Google North Fork Bullets. They are getting back into production. Good news.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Beware Mkulu Safaris

    Yes, I have emailed Pieter. There is something strange about this negative post. Sounds personal.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Beware Mkulu Safaris

    My experience with Pieter Kriel, Mkulu Hunting Safaris is nothing but positive. I have booked another buffalo hunt with him this year. My wife and I have hunted with Pieter Kriel at Mkulu Hunting Safaris in 2018. It was a great hunt and I found Pieter Kriel to be among the best PH's I have...
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    How do/did you pick your hunting outfitter?

    This post has been moderated by Hi Dan, XXXXXXXX of TWS is just an asshole and does not deserve anymore explanation from me. I have made my points quite clear to him, several times, privately and publicly. I will continue to bad mouth him every chance I get. He...
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    How do/did you pick your hunting outfitter?

    I have posted numerous articles and stories on these pages praising outfitters that I have used. My stories that I post here like 'Never Mind The Bull' and "did you Hear the Oxpecker" which praise the outfitter are published in The African Hunting Gazette as well. One of the big problems with...
  8. CEB Raptor Bullet Performance

    CEB Raptor Bullet Performance

    A good photo of the recovered CEB Raptor bullet.
  9. Peregrine Bullet Performance

    Peregrine Bullet Performance

    Here is a photo of the famous South African Peregrine bullet.
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    Bullets For Buffalo

    Thanks, Jeromy.
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    Bullets For Buffalo

    Here is a photo of the famous South African Peregrine bullet.
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    Bullets For Buffalo

    A good photo of the recovered CEB Raptor bullet.
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    Bullets For Buffalo

    Witold, Thanks, Brian The blades of the Raptors went deep into the vital organs in a 6-9 inch pattern. The really do a slice & dice job there. The main core of the bullet goes deeper. Sometime right through, I'm told, but not in my limited experience. The Peregrine Bushmaster is an awesome...
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    Exploring Namibia by Private Train

    My wife and I did this Desert Express trip after a hunt one year. It was great. Brian
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    Bullets For Buffalo

    Toby458, That is exactly what I am learning in my old age. Thanks for your response. Brian