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    Best Caliber for sheep hunting

    If I ever decided to hunt sheep I'd take my Cooper 52 300H&H. Synthetic stock, fluted barrel, about 8.25 lbs with the scope. Reasonably light, very acccurate and hits with authority at distance. YMMV.
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    The agony of choice...

    I'm just starting to reload for 9.3x62. Is RL17 a consensus powder for the caliber? What about 9.3x74R? The same? Thanks.
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    The agony of choice...

    What is it with R8 owners? They take every opportunity to explain to the rest of us why their rifle is the only one worth consideration. Glad you enjoy them but please stop infecting every other thread with R8 propaganda. We get it. You spent a lot of money for an ugly rifle and you need to...
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    308 Winchester caliber opinions...

    There's reason all light/medium rifle caliber wars eventually end up comparing something against the venerable 30-06. It is THE standard by which all others are judged and for good reason. I will always own a 30-06 rifle. BTW, absolutely nothing wrong with 308 at all. Terrific caliber and well...
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    Leupold VX3 Riflescope, real world opinions

    I have about a dozen Leupold scopes from VX1 to HD5. My personal favorite and sweet spot is the VX3 line. The majority of my scopes are VX2 2X7-33 and I'm convinced they're all I need for hunting. My VX2 is just as capable as my HD5 despite marketing hype to the contrary. The biggest difference...
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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    I rarely wear a watch or take my cell phone with me when I'm hunting. Generations of hunters and outdoorsman have gotten by just fine without technology and part of the reason I go into the woods is to escape the modern world. Why would I take it with me? I do carry a compass when I'm in an area...
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    Plains Game Magnum?

    300H&H and 375H&H. That's my plan.
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    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    According to the Gospel of Africa a 375H&H is the best all around caliber. I don't disagree. However, if you take DG off the table is the 9.3x62 a better all around caliber for everything else?
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    Calibre for lightweight rifle dilemma...

    Light weight, sufficient power, low recoil. Pick two because you can't have all three.
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    Hunting in America vs Africa

    What's interesting to me is all the elk/sheep hunting articles in the gun rags where the authors seemingly get tags anytime they want. I'll be honest, I have no faith the draw system is even remotely fair. I suspect, but can't prove, that just like almost every other government run scheme it's...
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    Hunting in America vs Africa

    I live in Kentucky. I'm a land owner and I hunt exclusively on my property. Every year I kill enough deer to keep us in venison until next year. Same with turkey in the spring and fall seasons. As a land owner I don't have to have a license or pay for tags as long as I hunt on my own land. Same...
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    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    I read this whole thread with the intent of adding my two cents and I was absolutely certain I was going to cast a vote for the 275 Rigby. I've changed my mind. Everybody and their brother has a HS in 275 Rigby and owning one in 30-06 is just different enough it appeals to me. Besides, the '06...
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    Got the CZ blues

    In my experience CZ rifles work as advertised right out the box. However a little tweaking/tuning/improving never hurt anything. A brand new CZ550 375/416/458L is about $1100. A B&C stock is about $275. A trip to AHR for upgrade #2 will set you back another $1900 (including shipping). IOW, about...
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    Ruger Safari Magnum

    There are good and bad examples of every brand. Pick a rifle that appeals to you, fix anything that might need fixing, shoot it enough to become proficient and then go hunting. Bambi or Mbogo won't know or care what brand rifle you're using. I own CZ, Ruger, and Cooper rifles in calibers...
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    Pre-64 Winchester 70 9.3x64 Brenneke - The mystery continues

    "This all created a lure, and certain apeal of old pre 64 winchester m70, for rifle affcionados." Absolutely correct. Pre 64 M70s are good rifles and in their time they were great rifles but the legend is much larger than the reality. It's the same thing with muscle cars, Colt Pythons...