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    Comment by 'Blueduiker' in media 'African Wildcat'

    Sounds like a great experience. I’ve only ever seen one in the wild, though we get them in the camera traps regularly.
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    Comment by 'Blueduiker' in media 'Alpine Ibex'

    Thanks! The Alps were incredible.
  3. Alpine Ibex

    Alpine Ibex

    Switzerland, Zermatt area. 2016. Dream come true....but shortest mountain hunt I’ve ever experienced. Back in town for lunch
  4. African Wildcat

    African Wildcat

    Klein Karoo, South Africa
  5. African Jackal Buzzard

    African Jackal Buzzard

  6. African Striped Weasel

    African Striped Weasel

    ...not one you see every day.
  7. Silvery-cheeked Hornbill

    Silvery-cheeked Hornbill

    Cool specimen to get to work on.
  8. Albino porcupine

    Albino porcupine

    ...our last mount for the year!
  9. Free range Kudu

    Free range Kudu

    Big Kudu, Klein Karoo. South Africa
  10. Caracal


    Nice size cat. At our place, Klein Karoo, South Africa
  11. Free range Kudu

    Free range Kudu

    At our place, Klein Karoo, South Africa
  12. Boomslang


    A beautiful Boomslang. Pic taken with my iPhone at our place in the Klein Karoo, South Africa
  13. Southern Mountain Reedbuck

    Southern Mountain Reedbuck

    My best Mountain Reedbuck, Colesberg, N.Cape May ‘17
  14. Ducks


    Nice mixed bag of waterfowl from the Overberg region, W.Cape South Africa
  15. Whitetail deer

    Whitetail deer

    My first bowhunted Whitetail, Gregory, South Dakota Nov ‘16