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    Ammo in 30-06 for Eland

    It's a classic and it's effective. I drove a 180gr A-Frame through the skull of a 300 lbs hog and then through nine and a half inches of backbone on a head on shot. I still have the bullet BTW. Perfect deformation and something like 85% weight retention at 55 yards or so.
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    Hard worker with no need for payment

    Ryan, Well done. Albert
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    Bad Experiences with your PH / Outfitter

    Habari, Part of the problem is that the client, usually an American like myself, has dreamed of Africa, read all of Capsticks, Ruarks, and Burger, and figure if they are spending all this hard earned dough, by golly, it better be as good as the books! I have been kicking it back and forth with...
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    With a two week window, where and when would you go?

    Gentlemen, Great answers to my question, and good leads for future follow up. I may have an opportunity coming to me which will fulfill my dream of thirty years to hunt in Africa. It may even allow me to finally get that Double in 500NE I've talked about for twenty. When I was a wee lad I...
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    With a two week window, where and when would you go?

    I'm liking Tanzania. Two buffs eh? That means I can eat biltong until I burst! I love the stuff, little wet in the middle please. With bourbon. Someone with lots of experience should post something every couple of weeks or so, on some facet or animal. It might engender some more commentaries...
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    With a two week window, where and when would you go?

    Gents, With a two week window, where and when would you go, if you were going to primarily hunt Cape Buffalo? To make it a little more interesting, you want to hunt hard and earn your trophy. Regards,
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    Howdy Y'all from Sunny Florida

    Thank You Jerome, I know you emailed me a while ago, but I somehow lost the e-mail. I'm glad that I was able to find your site, and I see that Whitetail Woods, Ben G, and Deer Passion have picked up on it too. Though the economy is in the doldrums, things will always pick up again. Regards,
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    Howdy Y'all from Sunny Florida

    Thought I would drop by and say hello to everyone! I'm Albert, and the publisher and writer of The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles and The Range Reviews: Tactical. With some luck, this might be my year to go to Africa and hunt M'bogo! I hunt wild hog with some regularity, but I've dreamed of...