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  1. Kevin Hamilton-Woods
    And what a retro safari it was! Restored Short Wheel Base Landrover - (Carruthers) for this trip and another - (Hartley) on the way. Homemade ice fridge, canvas chairs, a big old fig tree to camp...
  2. Bob Nelson 35Whelan
    Looking good I wonder what the rich people are doing have fun and enjoy
  3. Bob Nelson 35Whelan
    Rick I'm using noslers load of 60.5 grains of Varget behind the 225gn accubonds MV 2850fps chronoed out of my 25inch barrel. A powder that I found works extremely well in the Whelan...
  4. Rick Cox
    What load are you using?
  5. PARA45
    Wow, very nice crock! What did he measured??
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