Springfield XD 5" .45ACP

Springfield XD 5" .45ACP

I am going to go with the .45 Super. It shoots .45 ACP all day when you want to practice and by simply switching magazines, you have a low recoiling .45 that hits with 750-850 ft-lbs and can sling bullets up to 275 grains from a semi-auto pistol. My gun setup is below, but any fully supported .45 ACP can shoot this caliber.

Springfield XD 5" .45ACP
solid Recoil spring guide rod
22 lb recoil spring
5.75" ported EFK Fire Dragon Barrel (to slow the slide down)

It is an 800 ft-lb semi-auto that carries 10 rounds and drops all the brass 6-8 ft from the shooter for reloading.

I would have to go with the .44 mag on that end. Low enough recoil and all the power you can really use out of a handgun (I don't handgun hunt so I bring rifles if a .44 couldn't sort it out).
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