Single Shot Big Bore

Single Shot Big Bore

The other night I attended a "braai" in South Africa hosted by a friend that is busy arranging our annual meat hunting trip for the year. Because I am a professional hunter the talks of dangerous game hunting is always a part of the discussion....

Then one of the older gentleman that will be joining us this year brought out a rifle I have never seen before. It is called a Danzig. There is NO mention to what calibre it could be or when it was made... Apparently his great grand father used this rifle to cull / hunt elephant and other dangerous game in Rhodesia and other African Countries.

What is strange is that when the bolt is open it is 90 degrees straight up?

Here with the pictures, I apologize that some of them might not be the best of quality.... Lighting was not great and it was rather late in the evening.
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It is a rifle manufactured by Gewehrfabrik Danzig, caliber 11mm x 60R.
Danzig is the name of the city, currently Gdańsk and is in Poland.
The Gewehrfabrik Danzig operated in the years 1817-1921.

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