Scope & Reflex sight

Scope & Reflex sight

Following my last post, I wanted to update you on my progress, or should I say none progress made with the Iron sights, I approach a few gunsmiths. After being palmed off or redirected I ended up corresponding with an experienced gunsmith in the UK, the problem would be having to export the rile to the UK and the associated cost for a specialized courier was very high. I did a bit of ready up and came across hunters who have adopted a two sight approach for driven hunts in Europe. They top their primary optic with a red dot or reflex sight. The two scope approach allows the hunter to be prepared for all scenarios. If their allocated stand was in thick woodland and quick target acquisition would be required, they could use the reflex sight, or if their position was open terrain, they could revert to their primary scope. I thought this solution could work well for a DG game hunting. You do need to adjust your cheek wield upwards on the stock to use the reflex sight effectively. Has Anyone tried this before?
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