Ruger #1 in 300 WM Range Shooting

Ruger #1 in 300 WM Range Shooting

Calm day shot 200-300 range. Got the 300 and my 375 fine tuned at 200 then shot 5 shots at 300 yards.
Went down to get the targets and couldn’t believe the shots. I had the dot at 8 inches high for the 375 and with the 5 power scope cross hairs covering the dot I shot two to finish off the box from the other day. They ended up one inch low and one and a half high inch left.
The three shots with the Ruger one using my Nikon scope with the BDC option.
What rounds were you using for the 375 Ruger - factory or hand loads? I have one in M77 Hawkeye African.

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