Range Shots

First five shots out of a new Lilja barrel chambered in .223/match reamer. Cleaned it, loaded some rounds that shot good in another rifle and took it to the range. No break-in, these are the first five shots at 100 yds. No cleaning in between shots, the first one flew, the rest stayed fairly close together. Ran some patches and there was very little blue and it cleaned up quickly. Premium barrels are generally like this but some barrels take a handful of patches before the blue quits. I just got lucky with the load.

Range Shots
    • CoElkHunter
      You now might just burn in H*** for not breaking that barrel in! Ha! Ha! Ha! Nice group though with open sights!
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    • Hogpatrol
      I chambered and built this rifle for a buddy of mine. He wanted a .223 for PDs in Kansas. It did have a 8-32 scope on it for the initial "break-in". I had planned on shooting three then cleaning but after #2 & #3 were tight, I figured I'd shoot another. When it was tight, I said what the hay, I might as well shoot the last one of that load. I've had a few others that shot under an inch on the first range session but this one was the best.
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