My .404 Jeffery
Gert Odendaal

My .404 Jeffery

I am privileged to own a .404Jeffery since Sunday. I bought a .404 Jeff from a person with the name of Mike White, this rifle is 80 years of age. It was used to do the culling of elephants and buffaloes in the 1930 era, when the Ngana (sleeping sickness was rive in the Northern Natal , Themebe region) This rifle shot the last elephant in the Thembe region. I received 80 old ammo as well, and is in the process of shooting it out so I can have brass to reload. A few photos of the rifle and old ammo.
I think quite has a heavy bullet, excellent penetration ratio..and is a great caliber to hunt with..I will send you an update of how it perform on a warthog , I will use the 404 Jeffery to hunt with this season..(y)(y)

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