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MG Hunting - Argentina

Dear clients and friends,

First of all I hope that you are all good and that the virus didn’t affect you personally.
I know that this message should have been send some days earlier but we are without internet connection and have to use our neighbored connection in order to send this e-mail.
Fortunately we I´m able to write all of you in the name of our company, MG Hunting in order to give calm to all our clients that have reserved hunts with us.
MG Hunting is a company with more than 30 years in the market catering the needs of thousand of hunters from all around the world. This company created by me, Marcelo Gil it´s now and for the last 10 years become a family company compose by my sons Pedro, Manuel & Agustin.
We, as we always did, will honor all our hunts and we are already working on reschedule all the hunts on dates of this and the next year, always agreed and reviewed by the hunters.
We will be as flexible as possible and our intention is that each client doesn’t lose a single dollar that he have paid on his deposit or pre pay of the hunt. We will ask you to be patient as we have moved from one of the best seasons of the last years to nothing on a week making incredible economic losses for our company.
We are on our lodge since the 10th of March waiting for our hunters which of course never get it here and we are still here since then as the Argentinean government have declared an obliged quarantine to all the citizens. This leaves us with no internet connection and the delay on our responses larger than what we would desire.
The rut season of the red stag is completely lost but we hope to be able to hunt red stags in July if the virus let the world normalize, we also hope to be able to host the groups of our Duck season 2020 that starts in May, I insist, if the coronavirus let the world open their borders and everything comes back to normality.
We are already working on our Red stag lodge in order to have 3 more rooms for our next season, this will give us the chance to have a capacity of 18 hunters ( on a double base ). We have also contract 2 more fields which will gave us a capacity of 35.000 hectares for our next season. This give us calm as we will be able to host all the hunters that reserve for 2021 and the ones reschedule from this season.
I can assure you that it will be a fantastic season.
As I mention before our internet connection is very bad and slow so I will give you a contact phone number and please don’t hesitate to get in contact for anything you need. (also available on Whatsapp +54 9 11 6532 7369 ).

God bless the world and let us come back to our lives as soon as possible.

Marcelo Gil, Owner.
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