Internal view

Internal view

I pulled one of the cartridges apart this evening and here is what I found: bullet appeared very much like one of my current-production Woodleigh soft-points, as expected. It weighed-in at 397.5 gr on my digital scale. Next was a wad (appeared to be wax-coated card) which weighed 1.2 gr; and under that was the cordite (59.5 gr). The cordite was a dark, burnt-orange color and remains pliable. It is about the size of fine angel-hair pasta. As expected, the primer is Berdan.

Undecided whether I will fire any, but I may pop the primer this weekend and clean it up for later use. I'm thinking that the case head might look good on either a money-clip, a tie-bar, or as a lapel pin although I rarely wear a coat and tie these days.
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