Hunting Mule Deer
John J

Hunting Mule Deer

This mule deer was shot at about 30 yards with a 45 70. I believe the photo shows the exit? The bullet was modeled after the RCBS 45 405. The exception was the meplat was widened to .33 from .28 of the original RCBS design. 400 gr cast bullet at 1765 fps, I do not remember the exact BHN. I doubt there was much expansion. Two deer and two elk all showed simmilar wound, with the elk entrance and exits being slightly smaller. No bullets recovered. The deer dropped on the spot and the elk fell within a few yards in sight, as I chambered the next round. I am happy with the FN design. Meplat size and impact velocity have a direct effect on wound channel size that can be estimated from my readings on the subject (Veral Smith's research). My PH had no interest in the CEB flat nose solids for any game or as back up in my 500, so I never had an opportunity with them.
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