DoubleTap factory loaded 270 grain TSX Bullet Performance

DoubleTap factory loaded 270 grain TSX Bullet Performance

375 Ruger, 20" barrel, DoubleTap factory loaded 270 grain TSX, advertised velocity from 20" barrel 2650 fps. Distance approximately 25 yards.
Alaska-Yukon bull moose. Shot facing, between and slightly below the eye line, sheared bone protrusions below skull plate, cracked bottom of skull plate, severed spinal cord, entered the side of vertebraes, traveled through the thick vertebrae bones 12-14" (don't recall actual measurements), found under hide of neck. Fragment was found in vertebrae wound channel. Bulged eyeballs, and definitely dropped right there.
Intact bullet = 203 grains
Fragment = 19.3 grains
Bullet deformation stopped at the topside of uppermost band.
Side of bullet has visible gashes on side of shank.
Personally, I think this bullet performed as well as one could, considering distance, velocity, and route of travel.
This is the only 270 grain TSX that I have recovered from a moose.
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