Hoss Delgado

Custom BRNO action Rifle chambered in .350 Rigby Magnum

I bought this Beautiful Custom Rifle from a friend of my Father in law recently. It's built on a BRNO action and chambered for .350 Rigby Magnum. I must say , I'm in love with the sleek feel of the gun ! I can't wait to give it a try over the weekend . It appears to have the early pre '76 BRNO action which l am a big fan of. I can't wait to try this beauty on my first African plains game Safari next year . I contacted Kynoch who have both soft nose spitzer bullets and round nose FMJ 225 grain solids in stock . As soon as l get my hands on some good ammo , l will report the results at the range , here.. I wonder who could have built this gun . A BRNO action rifle in .350 Rigby is a pretty unusual find.

Custom BRNO action Rifle chambered in .350 Rigby Magnum
Hoss Delgado, Jul 4, 2019

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