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Cast Lead Bullet Performance

There are custom mold shops like Accurate molds that can cut what you want to feed properly to your spec, weight driving bands, alloy ect. I used Accurate to reproduce the RCBS 45-405 mold for my 45-70 with a wider meplat. Test your alloy if you are going to hunt. I used water soaked phone books. My first alloy was soft but I took a bull elk and a deer. After that I hardened it up some and took an elk and deer again. The deer both looked the same as far as damage internally similar shot distance. On the second elk the shot was closer with the harder alloy. It went down fast to a pass through lung shot. The phone books soaked for about 90 min. They soak up alot of water. They were fairly stiff still but these 2 bullets penetrated 22 and 23 inches at 110 yards at 1735 fps.

Cast Lead Bullet Performance
John J, Jan 11, 2019

    • Von Gruff
      Casting bullets is one of the more hands on aspects of shooting and the rewards from grassing an animal with your own cast bullets is hard to beat. I have a couple of Accurate moulds and they are very well made moulds that live up to their name and being able to have them cut to suit our own rifles needs is a real upgrade over the general off the shelf moulds
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