Bullet Performance

Bullet Performance

Here was the result of shooting for a group at 75 yards with a red dot on the rifle. I could still work on it but it is probably a result more of recoil fatigue on my part than mechanical accuracy of the gun. I only had four to shoot that day after sight in and if you discount the last shot low left, 3 of them were within 2 inches... not bad for a bullet that is 3/4" in diameter!

Getting roughly 1050fps with this load. It is a blast to shoot off hand and the audible sound of the bullet moving through the air is an experience!
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@Bob Nelson 35Whelen this is a 12 bore rifled carbine firing a 775 grain, .732" wadcutter at around 1050 fps. You can see the progression of the project in the 12 bore schrifle thread.

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