Black Bear Rug

Black Bear Rug
Divernhunter, Apr 18, 2018

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      A huge bear.Looking like dark carpet.
      Do you have the story to that end for us ?
      What I always noticed, when I saw bears-
      the bigger they are- the shorter are their legs.Yours is a good example for that.
      Congrats to this wonderful experience and trophy.
    • Divernhunter
      We hunted this and 3 other big bears for 3 years with dogs. You could tell what bear they were on by the way the bear/dogs acted. This one would head right over to a cliff and dive off into the canyon below where we could not follow. Then it was a case of wait for the dogs to return. They were great dogs and would stay with the bear about 3 days. We would come back and pick them up where we left them off. Had to return each day. This bear would run some and climb a tree. He would get tired and come down and fight the dogs then run to another tree. This would get repeated over and over until the dogs gave up. All 4 bears were older bears that had figured out the if they bail off into this canyon they were safe.

      Finally the 4th year he mad a mistake for some reason. He treed before going off the cliff and we were able to get to him still in the tree. I put a shot with a 44mag pistol thru his eye and into the brain because I did not want to have him wounded and mad on the ground for my and the dogs sake. My friend had already spent about $1000 on getting one dog fixed up after a clash with this bear. After that happened he was determined to get this bear as pay back.
      In Ca you have to have a certain very small tooth removed and it is sent in for aging. Later they send you a letter telling you how old the bear was. Mine was a 15.5 year old boar. Quite an old fellow and weight between 450-500 lbs. He had a very thick layer of fat on him getting ready to take the long winters nap.
      This hunting was done when it was legal to take bears in Ca(USA) with dogs.
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    Apr 18, 2018
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