Barnes TTSX 250 grain Bullet Performance

Barnes TTSX 250 grain Bullet Performance

MO deer season opened this morning. I had a nice 6 point tease me passing west to east at 75 yards (4 point on one side antler requirement). 10 minutes later he wandered back by at 25 yards.

A bit later a doe fed to me from 75 yards to 50 yards. She presented her left shoulder for the shot. At the shot she tried to run, but her shoulder(s) were wrecked, so she churned a 25 yard circle on her chest with her back legs. She got about 4/5s of the circle completed before she flopped over and expired. Shot to expiration ran about 10 seconds.

First blood for the old style .375 Ruger Alaskan (no brake or barrel band!) I bought off of for $750 with the Vari-X3, 2.5x8-36 already mounted.

Load was Barnes TTSX 250 grain in Hornady brass - 69.3 grains of RL15 - data from Quickload states: 2581 FPS; 54,500 pressure; 3698 FT-Lbs of energy.

This is all I can contribute (whitetail) until June when I get with Somerby in RSA for kudu, gemsbok, wildebeast, zebra, and impala. Whitetail are certainly not as tough as everyone reports African game as being. However, it would seem that the TTSX opened up quickly after penetrating the hide and left a huge exit hole and wound channel even though it was plowing through a "softer" animal.

The skinned entrance/exit shots are upside down in the display below, BTW. I smoothed the hair away from the hide-on entrance wound photo - otherwise you really could not have seen anything.
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