Accidental Villain

8x57JS Rifle

It has made a huge comeback over here in Europe and not without good reason. It is excellent for moose but maybe more important for its comeback is its qualities on wildboar. You will not experience that game you shoot will nosedive like they sometimes will when hit by your 300 mag, but its one of those wonderful calibers that gives very very good penetration. A couple of years ago I read a very good and realistic test of Rhino bullets. Only two calibers penetrated the test medium. 9,3x62 and of course 8x57JS. Now, I was like "yup,,knew that". I had just commissioned a custom build on a civilian Oberndorf action and after god knows how many hours of thought processing and rounds of elimination ended up selecting 8x57JS. Short range capabilities was primary. Primary sights is the quarter rib. This babe points like my favorite sporting shotgun.

8x57JS Rifle
Accidental Villain, Jul 9, 2019

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