416 Rigby Bullet Performance

416 Rigby Bullet Performance

Just bought and shot a 416 Rigby for the first time today! It is a used, but very good condition older model cz550 from another member here. I was worried about the feeding and roughness issues that are common to these, but after assurance by the member, I took the bait. I cannot begin to explain the comfort level that I am experiencing with this rifle already. I have not had experience yet with the accuracy of the sights yet, but first wanted to experience the overall shootability and recoil. This is the largest caliber to date, so just wanted to get the feel of it. It has what I would call a strong push with just the right amount of bite to let you know that it is a serious safari rifle, but not overbearing at all. I’m a bigger guy, but I could see most people being able to handle it with few worries. The pic shows the bullet from my first shot that went through 8 gallons of water jugs lined up before taking a downward turn and snapping a 2x4. Even better, I spent about a full hour this morning loading and cycling rounds. Not a single feed issue to be found! As I mentioned, I believe it to be an older (one crossbolt almost in the pistol grip) model, but the only problem that I could see is the front sight dot could use a new coat of paint. I’m so happy that I chose the Rigby! (Although the Rem mag or Ruger are probably equally fine rifles) If anyone is debating getting a Rigby, I say give it a big “heck yeah”!
Thanks for showing.............what bullet is that? Looks pretty nice after 8 gal and a 2x4.............FWB

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