2019 Sabatti Big Five EDL in 470NE Double Rifle

2019 Sabatti Big Five EDL in 470NE Double Rifle

AH members and enablers...it is done. First double rifle is paid for and being shipped after Christmas. Many of you here provided the knowledge and experience needed for this purchase and I am very grateful for the information.

I always kept an eye out looking for the deal and was patient. A few deals fell thru over the last few months and I began speaking with Smith's about a shotgun conversion build. I had decided on an O/U as my personal preferences leaned that way. However, a rifle popped up that was also everything I had wanted, in a SXS.

A 2019 Sabatti Big Five EDL in 470NE. Regulated for Barnes and shoots the TBBC just as well, about 1" spread at 50 yards, ejectors, nice looking engraving, good wood, and came with pile of extras and only a few rounds down the tubes.
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