1893 Mauser DWM original Sporting 7x57 Rifle

1893 Mauser DWM original Sporting 7x57 Rifle

About family histories...My first (and only for 20 year...) big game rifle, still in use, was my greatgrandfather's rifle. The 1893 Mauser DWM original sporting 7x57. I inherited the gun from my mother side grandfather. Still in its original blueing.

Some years ago I saw in a collector site (collectiblefirearms if I remember well) a rifle exactly like this one, but with original double set triggers. Some 200 higher serial number....As new!
As can be seen, besides the perfect functioning and performance, the fit and finish of this rifle (the same as in the military Mauser of the era!) leaves most of the famous brands ones far behind...
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