12 Bore Schrifle project

12 Bore Schrifle project

There are 2 nitro cards and 2 x 1/2" veg. Fiber wads pressed down on the powder. When i use the brass cases i still get a round that sounds more like a rocket than a gun. New roll crimped loads look like this
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How soft is that gray wadding? From my perspective, I would think it would act like a cushion causing the ball to just poop out of the barrel. I remember when I first started loading shotshells, they were paper with a thin paper wad over the powder and additional wads to bring the shot colum up to the top of the shell for the star or roll crimp. Plastic base wads were just starting to be used and then the modern monolithic plastic wad and cup came out. It seemed like the light loads where I used to use a couple fiber wads along with the base wad wouldn't have the "oomph" or recoil that shells with a minimum of wadding had. Don't know if this helps, just thinking out loud.
@Hogpatrol Yeah those are two 1/2" veg. fiber wads. I wanted to use 3" shells to bring the round as close to the rifling as I could get it so that I didn't have a 1" jump from where it left the shell to where it entered the forcing cone of the rifling. I may have to incorporate a hard wad in there and only use 1 cushion wad instead of two. Although I want to see how the gas seal affects things before I go changing too much at once. I am trying to pinpoint the components that I want to use and I have been swapping one component at a time until I determine what exactly the wad column needs to be for these to perform the way they should.
Yep, the best and only way to do it, one change at a time. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the gas seal helps. I know one thing, I wouldn't want to get hit with that hunk of lead even if you just threw it at me.:eek::D

p.s. I love these kinds of projects.


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