Zambian Hippo Cull Program Cancelled


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Zambian Hippo Cull Program Cancelled

It is with regret, but also relief that we announce that the Cull Program has officially been cancelled by the Zambian Government.

Regret – As the main reason appears to be that non hunting groups has got its way yet again. Not a good thing for Africa.

Relief – Since it was officially announced in 2018 that the cull program will commence in 2019, we have been bombarded with hate mail, calls and messages, on social media and main stream media.
We have appeared in no less that 4 newspapers across the globe, with photos and names splashed for the world to see. The information that accompanied these adds were well wide of the mark.
This caused a well orchestrated hate campaign against us. The abuse and profanity does get to you, especially when its get directed to you kids.

The contract for the cull program was between the Zambian Government and a company called Mabwe Adventures.
Mabwe, simply put, did not have the clientele to successfully complete its duties as per the contract.
The Zambian government agreed that they could seek help in obtaining clients.
Mabwe formally approached us – letter attached.
This agreement has now been cancelled due to the Zambian Government cancelling the Cull Program – letter attached.

As off now, Umlilo Safaris has no involvement with Mabwe Adventures or the Cull Program.
Should the Cull Program be reinstated anytime in the future – Umlilo Safaris can herewith confirm, that we will NOT be involved.

Booked Hunts/Clients
We have already notified all the clients that have booked these hunts of the situation. Luckily this number is low.

There are 2 options they can choose from:
1) Do a different hunt on the same dates for the equivalent value
2) Get a full and immediate refund

Under the circumstances – its the best we can offer.

Umlilo Safaris

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That's a shame. I just got emails offering hunters to partake. Bunny huggers will see every habitat destroyed and every game animal dead just to keep hunters from the field
The anonymity granted to email hate mailers is the greatest downfall of the web. The greater majority wouldn’t post or send anything if there actual name had to be attached and most assuredly wouldn’t spout death threats which could then be prosecuted for doing so.
But that’s just one mans opinion.
Thanks for the update. Sorry to see how this played out.
Sorry to hear. I thought the hunt you offered would have been a great one.
It is always a pity when governments listen to the anti's, not facts. I can understand your relief at this finally being over though, as no one likes it when their family is threatened. I have seen anti-hunting groups celebrating and sharing this thread over facebook.
Sorry to hear that the ignorant antis beat us.......but then, there are some hippo experts in Tinsel-town..........FWB
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Another case of gutless politicians and bureaucrats caving to an ignorant mob. It bodes no good for hunters and wildlife.

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