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    Inherited Elephant tusk

    hello, I recently Inherited an elephant tusk with the paper work. I’m unsure how to tell it or what to do with it. The paperwork says it’s from 1964 Any help would be appreciated Thanks.
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    Elephant Tusk

    Hello Everyone, We received an Elephant tusk as a gift from the embassador of Kenya a long time ago, Its been in the house for a long time and we never really knew its value. I have read recently that there will be no selling of ivory and such articals which reminded me of the tusk. Can...
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    How does one sell World's largest elephant tusk? Seriously

    You read that right. I'm here to pick your brains on how one would sell pre-ban, World-record size, elephant tusks... And may be pointed in the direction of a potential buyer. If one had a set of pre ban, elephant tusks harvested pre-1975 and they turned out to be one of the top 8 largest...
  4. Elephant Tusk

    Elephant Tusk