1. Skinning Leopard Trophy

    Skinning Leopard Trophy

    Skinning out a leopard trophy
  2. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

    One of the many trophy rooms we designed and installed throughout our 40 year history.
  3. Trophy Room Lighting

    Trophy Room Lighting

    Lion spotlight in dark trophy room.
  4. brettp

    Call To Action - CT Proposed Ban

    Brothers & Sisters, CT is about to implement an illegal ban on the "Big 6" making the import or possession of Elephant, White Rhino, Black Rhino, Leopard, Lion and Giraffe trophies illegal...
  5. Philip Glass

    SOUTH AFRICA: Small Cats & Small Antelope Safari

    I was hunting in Kwa Zulu Natal in RSA for my rhino but the original plan was a small cats and small antelope Safari. Having hunted lion and leopard it was time for me to pursue the small cats of Africa and I had a start on the Tiny Ten and wanted to try for a few more. I actually bought a...
  6. S

    White Rhino Wall Mount For Sale

    Hello, and thanks for looking at the post. I'm selling a White Rhino wall mount. $18,000 . Please private message me if you are interested. I can accept Credit Card, located in Houston, TX. Tax will be charged.
  7. Peter Larsson

    Addo buffalo?

    Saw a picture in the book Game animals of the world of a typical Addo buffalo. I guess it was that model of horns on the buffs we shot in South Africa this year. Would be nice to get some info on Addo buffalo. Some one who have some short info? Normal trophy sice etc.etc. Have tried to get some...
  8. Philip Glass

    Trophy - The Film

    So it begins.... the reviews of the documentary film I am in about Trophy Hunting. These first reviews are from the Sundance film festival. They are not at all nice to me and that is to be expected. Hollywood is full of morons! But I do need the support of hunters as I travel through this...
  9. W

    How does one sell World's largest elephant tusk? Seriously

    You read that right. I'm here to pick your brains on how one would sell pre-ban, World-record size, elephant tusks... And may be pointed in the direction of a potential buyer. If one had a set of pre ban, elephant tusks harvested pre-1975 and they turned out to be one of the top 8 largest...
  10. V

    Lion Taxidermy Head Mount

    As you are aware, personally owned African lion hunting trophies may not be imported into Australia unless the specimen was from an animal that was deceased prior to 1977. Does anyone have a trophy...
  11. My Trophy Room

    My Trophy Room

    Theses are some of the animals I have been fortunate enough to take.
  12. trophy room

    trophy room

  13. Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris offers a wide variety of Plains Game Animals.
  14. Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Trophy Warthog for our Client
  15. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  16. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  17. Trophy Lion

    Trophy Lion

  18. Lesser Kudu Trophy

    Lesser Kudu Trophy

  19. Kalahari Springbok trophy

    Kalahari Springbok trophy

    Springbok trophy shot in the Kalahari Desert of Namibia, Africa. Hunting guide: Johan de Waal on right hand side Hunter: Jaco Carstens from South Africa Trophy measurements: 15 inches Location: Rus-en-vrede hunting ranch
  20. Springbok magic

    Springbok magic

    A herd of springbok running on the savanna fields of the Kalahari Desert. Springbok is one of the smaller antelope in Namibia. Very popular hunting trophy and very common in the Southern parts of Namibia.
  21. Trophy Hunting

    Trophy Hunting

    Trophy Hunting
  22. Kudu Trophy

    Kudu Trophy

    Kudu Trophy