take downs

  1. Bill Conrad

    45-70 Lever Action Hi Intensity Loads

    Own a Marlin 1895 (45-70) updated to a Take-Down by David R Clay (DRC), with a: - 19.5" Badger heavy barrel hexagon, - Sights... Scout-mounted Leupold, Ashley Emerson Ghost Ring, - DRC Glove Lever, - (Great!) DRC Trigger - Stainless Steel Magazine Follower. QUESTION: Develop a load using an...
  2. Anand Sekhar

    Take down rifles

    Does anyone own a take down rifle or is thinking of getting one? I will be visiting Makura Hunting Rifles in Switzerland to look at their Take Down Ulrich model: http://www.makura.ch/en/take-down-rifles/the-system/ Let me know what you think of take downs and if there is anything you want to...