1. New Zealand Safaris

    Girls Hunting this season so far with New Zealand Safaris

    Often the girls in the hunting industry are over looked. So today we`re going to post a few photos in tribute of the girls and lady hunters that have been out there doing it with us this season to date.
  2. New Zealand Safaris

    HUNTING Red Stag

    Red Stag shot placement Like many of the deer species the lungs and heart are in the lower quarter of the Red Stag, approximately the size of a dinner plate. Judging half way going off the top of the shoulder and bottom of the chest you should aim slightly under half way. Being more of a medium...
  3. New Zealand Safaris

    Free Range Wild Red Stag Hunt On private Land

    Texas family this season during the rut put in the a big climb up to a Stag we had been watching this season on private land. Just an absolute giant Red Stags in the wild like this are seldom come across with mass and even points.
  4. New Zealand Safaris

    Red Stag Hunt New Zealand 2020

    Red Stag Hunt New Zealand New Zealand Safaris is offering limited hunts for a Red Stag Hunting adventure in New Zealand for months in 2020. Package includes 4 days 3 nights at our All seasons lodge, professional hunting guide, meals, beverages, transportation, field prep. of trophies...
  5. sambarhunter

    Just watched them

    Through the binos,hovered a cross hair over one for a brief moment to check my camera tripod rest and then watched as they filtered into the bush feeding on blackberry leaves. Initially there were more deer seen but the bigger boys get back into the cover much earlier. That place where they...
  6. Free Range Hunting New Zealand

    Free Range Hunting New Zealand

    Red Stag
  7. Large European Red Stags

    Large European Red Stags

    Large European red stags shot in Hungary in September 2011. Gold medall class trophies. (Further information about red stags in Hungary at