shoulder mount

  1. Mnelson2

    Wanted Tanned Skins, Taxidermy, Mounts In USA

    Hey all, I run a small taxidermy/oddities shop in New England and I’m always looking to source interesting pieces for my shop. If you have exotic animal skin rugs, shoulder mounts, tanned skins, skulls or anything neat I am definitely interested. Just shoot me a PM and let me know what you...
  2. Gemsbok Shoulder Mount

    Gemsbok Shoulder Mount

  3. Gazelle Shoulder Mount

    Gazelle Shoulder Mount

  4. Chamois Shoulder Mount

    Chamois Shoulder Mount

  5. Bushbuck Shoulder Mount

    Bushbuck Shoulder Mount

  6. Blesbok Shoulder Mount

    Blesbok Shoulder Mount

  7. Old Cape Buffalo Mount

    Old Cape Buffalo Mount

    Cape Buffalo shot using a 416 Weatherby Magnum and 400gr solid in 1998 Zambezi valley
  8. Peter Larsson

    Buffalo shoulder mount vs wall pedestal mount?

    Thinking about to get a shoulder mount made of my buffalo. How much do a shoulder mount and a wall pedestal mount get out from the wall? Is there any difference? Don't have so much room and will go for the one that takes upp the least place.