shipping hunting trophies

  1. McKenzie Sims

    The Importance of getting a broker

    With the Safari season really ramping up and the major time for first time Safari goers nearing (June-August) I want to emphasize on the importance of having a broker. What I mean by a broker is having someone here in the US that knows the ins and outs of the trophy shipping logistics for...
  2. S

    First Africa trip shipping estimates

    Hello, I got invited out of the blue by a buddy to tag along on a week long hunting trip to SA. He won the trip in a auction and his wife said he’ll no to going. I was not expecting the trip and therefore was not saving for such a expedition, but we got our flights for a good price and I have...


    OUR BUSINESS Trophy Shippers is a business that is for the hunter by the hunter. We recognize that your blood, sweat, tears, and hard earned money go to the hunt and a memory that lasts a lifetime. Your hunting trophy represents the hunt, the people, the process, the adventure, the adrenaline...