ruger no 1

  1. ET1775

    450 No 2 Nitro Express Project

    I am going to embark on a project to convert a ruger No 1 into a semi-bespoke 450 No 2 NE rifle. I want to do this for a number of reasons, first, I want to. Second, I think the cartridge is very neat and I don't want it to pass into complete obscurity and disuse. As a handloader, the case...
  2. Chris Hayden

    Ruger No. 1

    This will be the year I finally pick up a Ruger No. 1. I have mulling it over for the better part of a decade. The problem I am having might be common to the uninitiated, what cartridge do I get it in. I am currently looking at 300 HH, 416 Rigby, 450/400. Currently I am looking online, but there...
  3. T

    Ruger no 1 buying guide

    First real post and I figured I would post this here because it is not really a buy/sell ad and probably doesn't belong in classifieds. Plus, I didn't see a thread that aggregated general buying tips on medium/big bore ruger no 1's into one thread, so I figured I would make one! Hopefully I...
  4. T

    New hopeful from Colorado

    Hey all, just an avid shooter and big fan of big bore firearms. I just got into hunting the past few years and absolutely love it. I have an ever growing list of animals I would love to hunt and Africa is absolutely on my list now too. I found this site while on the search for a Ruger no 1 in...