1. Royal27

    Poland to be first EU country to ban most hunting

    @Witold Krzyżanowski , What can you tell us about this? https://www.fieldsportschannel.tv/poland-to-be-first-eu-country-to-ban-most-hunting/ Poland to be first EU country to ban most hunting The Polish Senate has crumbled under pressure from animal rights activists and has voted for the...
  2. markferrigno

    POLAND: Red Stag Rut Hunting In Poland With Huntmaster

    Outfitter: Huntmaster Area: Złotowa, Poland Rifle: Heym SR30 in .308 Scope: Leupold VXR 3-9x50 lighted reticle Ammo: Gecco Express 165gr After 5 years of living in Germany and hunting all over Europe I recently moved back to the US earlier in the year. I immediately missed hunting in Europe and...
  3. markferrigno

    Red Stag Hunting In Poland During The Rut

    Red Stag in Poland during the Rut, what a phenomenal experience. Here are a few pics, one is a "murder" Hirsch, about 8 years old with no forks or crowns, just 2 giants daggers. The other Stag is a nice 11 y/o. Both came out roaring. Hunting the Rut is a truly an amazing experience and not...