1. pigsticker

    Can Eland forms be used interchangeably?

    Taxidermy question... I shot a Lord Derby (Giant) Eland and want to have it mounted on a floor pedestal. There are very few forms for this specific species available. Anybody have experience using a common/cape eland form? I can't see a major difference between the shape of the two species. It...
  2. Elk Pedestal Mount

    Elk Pedestal Mount

  3. M

    African Antelope Taxidermy Pedestal Mounts

    Some African pedestal mounts. Contact us today to make your vision a reality.
  4. Zebra Pedestal Mount

    Zebra Pedestal Mount

    Simple yet classy.
  5. Cape Buffalo Double Pedestal Mount

    Cape Buffalo Double Pedestal Mount

    The double pedestal mount is a fantastic art design that creates a beautiful interaction between your two trophies. Its vertical height leaves a small footprint and will not eat up much of your room. Move it where you like throughout your house and enjoy a complete, 360 degree view of your trophy.
  6. caddman

    Long wait is over!

    Well the day finally arrived, the taxidermy from my first African hunt has arrived. After a long day's drive south to the US border, a little paperwork, and g&s tax my trophies were finally headed home. Now to figure out how to best display Matt Kaprauns fine work. Matt has All-American...
  7. oak22

    White Rhino Taxidermy Pictures

    White Rhino Pedestal Mount