1. Ridge Runner

    If you have flights on Kulula or British Airlines

    Found this on News24, South Africa: For those traveling inside Africa (and on other flights) with Kulula or British Airlines, between 14 March and 31 October 2020. Take time to check out these sights, as you may loose the ticket money you paid. https...
  2. Ridge Runner

    What are the Alternatives Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth with weapons?

    With SAA no longer flying the Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth route what are the alternative airline(s) for hunters traveling with weapons? Mango airlines is "SUPPOSE TO BE" allowed to transport weapons, BUT, either their website has not be updated or it's business as usual and they still don't...
  3. Opposite Pole

    Disgusting media behavior

    Last Monday (April 1st 2019) an 18 year old man was tragically killed in Sydney in construction site accident during scaffolding collapse. Please note that the accident was not in any way firearm related, but it shows a disturbing trend. A number of publications felt compelled to use the...