1. A

    Fine rifles

    Dear friends, upon request of some members I post photos of german and british rifles from my collection. (Mausers are possibly for sale) Hope anybody will enjoy. Alessandro 1. Type B cal. 7x57 2. Type L cal. 8x60 N 3. Type S cal. 8x60 N 4. Type B (1943) cal. 8x57JS 5. Mod. Ms350B cal...
  2. mbenz

    Mauser 66 Safari 375 H&H & 458 Win Mag

    Hello, The Mauser 66 Safari is an interchangeable barrel system rifle. This rifle has barrels chambered in .375 H&H and .458 Win Mag both have factory iron sights installed. This rifle is in high condition. There is very minor wear on the bolt knob and the factory butt pad is dried out...
  3. Tubby’s Canteen

    Help identifying a rifle

    Good evening gentlemen I was hoping some of our Mauser experts can help identify a rifle I took in on trade today. Chambered in 6.x55 Swede. Appears to be either a carbine or short rifle of some kind. Unfortunately a set of vintage over and under rings seem to of been installed with both red...
  4. LES7

    275 Rigby Highland Stalker Jim Corbett Series

    Riffles I don’t want to sell listing #5. I really struggled listing this one along with my big bores. My shoulders are shot, but I can still shoot this. However I’m going to focus on fishing and will use these funds for my boat. it’s a Rigby w/ Mauser action, what else needs to be said...
  5. E

    10.75x57 Mauser Bolt Action Rifle

    M98 sporter Geco marked action in 10.75x57 . This is an infrequently encountered chambering and shoots the same diameter bullet as the 404 Jeffery (.423"). Barrel is 25-1/4" long with one standing and one folding rear sight blade. Polished steel grip cap. Walnut stock with Schnabel forend...
  6. P

    Help with Scope Mounting and rifle info???

    I can not find scope bases that with fit this Mauser 98 rifle, the Talleys are just a smidge too long and interfere with the bolt? Holes line up, but that's it. Any suggestions where else to look? On top of that I have zero info on this rifle, just says "UK Custom Shop". If anyone has any...
  7. LES7

    Zastava LH Mauser Action 375 H&H

    Never fired, I bought new and ended up buying 2 more win 70’s so I don’t need this one. For the guys in this group I would listen to offers asking $1500.00 thanks for looking
  8. 2

    Need Help!!! *** Mauser 98 ***

    Guys I am looking at a new custom 375 H&H Mauser 98 from a custom builder and have some questions and concerns. Please note this will be my first true Mauser 98 rifle. I have other rifles that are versions. 1. The bolt seams to bind going out and in if not pulled or pushed perfectly straight...
  9. S

    Some Mauser porn :)

    I thought I have better post a little bit of Mauser porn! I have had a Mauser M03 in 30-06 since 2015 and have bagged a host of critters with it, mostly Wild boar, fallow deer and the odd Moufflon. Mauser released the newly minted M98 Magnum in 2015 and the M98 standard in 2017 and I have had a...
  10. T

    1895 Mauser 9.3x62 Conversion?

    I found a Chilean Mauser for a decent price and have the itch to get into big calibers. I’m a history buff and wouldn’t dare ruin a piece of history, but a previous owner sporterized the heck out of it. Sporter stock, barrel chopped to 20 inches, the whole 9. So would it be difficult or...
  11. Mr. Zorg

    For Sale Zastava LK M70 9.3X62mm Right Hand Rifle

    I'm putting the 9.3X62mm Zastava LK M70 right hand rifle I purchased in 2019 up for sale. It's still Factory New, it's only been out of the box for photos. This rifle has a 560mm = 22 inch long barrel with European "pig back" style stock, and factory iron sights, and Mauser style controlled...
  12. S

    Sako High Power Mauser Sporting Rifle in .375 H&H

    Looking for some more expert advice as to the worth of a gun I came into. Picked up this Sako .375 H&H with a Mauser action recently because I thought it was too good a deal to pass up on. I didn't really know much about the gun (and still don't), but I'd like some more information before I...
  13. A

    Heym, Rigby or Mauser?

    Does anyone have any experience with either the HEYM Martini Express, the Rigby Big Game, or the Mauser m98 Magnum? Considering a rifle in .375HH, curious at to whether there are any standout differences between the three. Any input appreciated.
  14. stephanjagter

    Mauser action .375

    Can someone supply me with a bit of history on this recent purchase of mine? Thanks in advance The information i have seen on the gun is as follows serial number : 2664 Bohler rasant .375 H&H magn I unfortunately (because of no experience) did not think to take pictures of the action on the...