1. T

    How Old Are These Kynoch Cartridges?

    I recently acquired some vintage Kynoch cartridges. As you can see in the photos, they are in an older-style box, and there is what could be a lot number on the reverse of the box. The cartridges are of sufficient age that there is very slight oxidation on the exposed lead (soft-nose) bullet...
  2. O

    A Gift - for my 303 Warthog Rifle

    I possess a Shirley which is my main warthog rifle - when in RSA - A Friend stopped by and gave me these Nitro - non corrosive primer - 215 Gr - cant wait until June - only 30 of them so a one shot zero and off we go ! Love Iceland - only person with a 303 hunting rifle - and recently...
  3. erikd11

    Kynoch NE Ammunition For Sale

    New old stock ammo in original boxes for sale in Vermont USA, thanks for looking! Price 30$/box of 5 Buyer pays shipping KYNOCH Nitro-Express 3 1/4 " case QTY (50 boxes) .450 metal covered soft nose 480g QTY (65 boxes) .450 metal covered solid bullet 480g QTY (10 boxes) .500 metal covered...